Vision & Mission

The expertise to provide outstanding Orthopedic Sports Medicine Education & Networking.
EFOST is the leading and most highly-regarded QSM (Orthopedic Sports Medicine) society in Europe whose mission is to advance the understanding, techniques and clinical practice for the highest standards of patient care. The primary role of EFOST is to provide education, to disseminate the latest scientific information, to be a body of reference for experienced and newly-qualified specialists, and to set standards of best practice.

Be a part of the solution

It all begins with personal choice
EFOST actively supports the future leaders in orthopedic sports medicine and encourages them to volunteer their involvement in the running and future direction of the Federation. Through combining well known KOLs with young science, EFOSTĀ“s leadership is empowered to drive through initiatives that are both suitable and sustainable.

The facts don't lie

  • A well-respected society for the last 20 years
  • direct access to over 4500 specialists across Europe
  • 18 members countries and 3 application countries
  • first-class Fellowship program
  • an experienced and stable boards and management team
  • strong partnerships with KOL's and leading companies


EFOST aims to develop further its membership benefits, educational platform and Fellowship program.
Its business strategy is to build on its educational strength through its brand, intellectual property in and is continuously expanding network of OSM professionals throughout Europe. EFOST is keen to maintain a portfolio of world-class, well known corporative members.

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